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Sustainability is a business and global imperative.

Our aim is to build sustainable supply chains that support healthy economies, societies and ecosystems, contributing to the global effort to build an inclusive, sustainable future for all.

To achieve this, we create sustainable products and solutions, support safe and fair workplaces and build environmental resilience all along the supply chain. We do this through our business strategies and operations of our companies, and by engaging  with our business partners and in the communities where we operate.


We recognize the many risks posed by climate change, environmental degradation and resource scarcity to communities, businesses and economies worldwide. Therefore, we address climate risk and instill environmental resilience principles into our companies’ operations and supply chains. We consider these risks in the procurement and consumption of resources, in material sourcing and product manufacturing, and in the transportation of products to our customers. Our companies use robust systems to measure and report key environmental footprint metrics with the aim of increasing our resource efficiency and responsibly managing our footprint.


Peterpower develops and operates responsible, agile supply chains that meet the demands of the dynamic, global retail sector and address our common sustainability challenges. Convening our customers, business partners and influencing our industry to create sustainable products is essential.

Our initiatives focus on procuring and sourcing higher volumes of sustainable materials, products and packaging in our direct and indirect supply chains, improving the environmental health of our communities, and taking steps to establish circularity initiatives in the supply chain.




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